When I first saw the photos of her on casting agency website, I looked at her and thought to myself. Nice body and pretty face and stuff but I have seen her taking Big white cocks regularly at another site so I though hmmm..will her pussy still be tight enough to give me a good fucking experience? Does she have a good cocksucking mouth? So I let my thoughts lingers on and months passed I took no action. She is British girl, 19yr old at time of shoots. Eventually after 3 months I took the plunge and booked her for her first shoot with Digicreations Her BBC Interractive . I noticed when she arrive for the shoot that she is quite taller than me a bit and her skin was so radiant and looking silky smooth. I was then like hmm... "this is going to be a good day" I can feel my cock gaining strenght under my pants(I have saved 5 days worth of cumshot for this slut). During shooting first she had to lick my nipples before sucking my cock. I remember her tongue felt sharp on my sensitive nipples sending sparks of excitement down my spine and my cock beginning to swell. She teased and sucked me off nicely slowly and gently her mouth so tight around my fat black cock and it was a WOW! experience. All my doubts at the beginning wondering if she is a good cocksucker out of the window. ...And little did I know that the best is yet to come. The tight grip of her pussy on my fat black cock perfectly compliment a wonderful day experience with her. After she packed her bags and left at the end of the shoot, I was thorougly exhausted with the fuck battle with Scarlet. My throbin cock when she arrived now very satisfied and worn out. As she drove off I was wondering if my creampie on her is still dripping down her pussy hahaha. If you recall during her first shoot while sucking me off and she paused to say "I love sucking black cocks" I was surprised at this as this is not in the script, this is straight from her heart. I have since found two more excuses to re-ignite my fuck battles with her. Her BBC Initiations  and BBC Slut House Maid  Both of these were exciting for me as the first, again my throbbin cock quite simply worn out!! I just love nothing more than creampie this hot sexy bitch. I missed the chance of a 4th fuck battle with Scarlet when she emailed me shortly before her boob job operation if I wanted a shoot, but I was gutted I couldn't take up the offer as I was 10,000 miles away in south east asia at the time.  Scroll down to her movie credits section to download and enjoy. Don't forget to leave your comments. Thank you.

Model's Update: Scarlet has since had a boob job and quit shooting boy/girl porn movies. I'm sure you'll be as dissapointed as me about this as I have plans for a 4th fuck battle with Scarlet. Personally I prefer girls with natural jugs and you'll only find just a handful of girls with boob jobs here at digicreationsxxx.


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