I was so desperate to fuck this blue eye Czech slut when I first saw her photo. Her cute ass pretty much stand out and I thought hmmm.. I could fuck that bitch. So I fly out and fucked her, pretty simple huh? During the shooting of Her BBC Initiations  she was full of energy, not shy at all but I must say her pussy has a pretty average grip on my cock so I guess even for an 19yr old she must have been dishing it out to guys in her neighbourhood at younger age or has been recipient of Mega Big 12 feet long cocks, lol. Apart from this disappointment her cock sucking skills was a little better but sadly not enough to suck me to completion so had to break my cardinal rule of "not jerking to girl's face for cum shot" on this one. I ain't gonna lie to you, this after all is supposed to be true and honest stories behind every shoot. However you can see the cum shot was pretty powerful  Scroll down to her movie credits section to download and enjoy. Don't forget to leave your comments below.

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